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CROI 2018: Dr. Harold Jaffe looks back — for lessons to inform responses to the next infectious disease outbreak

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BOSTON – Considering the strides in HIV science to be presented here this week, Dr. Harold Jaffe didn’t at first see the point of dwelling on the history of the epidemic, the topic he was asked to address here this morning. Then, he said, he thought about all the lessons those years had yielded, and […]

CROI 2018: HIV drug-resistance testing leads to “tremendous opportunity” to target, treatment, prevention, partner services

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BOSTON – Using existing analyses of viruses generated by drug-resistance testing among people diagnosed with HIV, a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study identified 60 clusters of people across the United States among whom the virus was spreading at 11 times the rate  — at 44 transmissions per 100 person years — than […]

CROI 2018: 25 years of HIV science see “precision prevention,” hopes for long-term remission, attention to TB, and more

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BOSTON – Dr. Judith Currier, now chair of the 25th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, didn’t attend the first CROI in 1993, but she remembers how things were then. A dozen years into the epidemic, AIDS was the leading cause of people in their most productive years. Care for people living with HIV meant […]