What we’re reading: HIV prevention options and a ticking clock, “protecting life” while defunding ID services, and overcoming a challenge to opioid ID prevention

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Why a promising new approach to HIV prevention could lose funding – From explaining the ways in which HIV can be stopped from infecting a new person, to explaining why research and development of prevention options could narrow in the next two years, health and science writer Heather Boerner tells how focus in the search for effective interventions against the virus could take precedence over consumers’ personal preferences.

Kenyan clinic loses more than $2 million in U.S. aid to Trump abortion policy – The unintended consequences of the Trump administration’s expansion of the “Mexico City Policy” (also known as the “Global Gag Rule”) which now, as the “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance” policy, bars  U.S.-funded overseas medical service providers from providing information or services to terminate pregnancies, include loss of HIV and tuberculosis screening, as well as access to infant immunizations against measles and other infectious diseases, according to a Kenya clinic director.

De Blasio moves to bring safe injection sites to New York City – Safe injection sites can be a frontline defense against the spread of infectious diseases that are accompanying the national opioid crisis, while also making a dent in a rising incidence of overdose deaths. But they also violate a federal statute rising from the crack epidemic, against owning, renting or operating a premise for the consumption of illegal drugs. This New York Times article on New York Mayor Di Blasio’s plan to overcome that barrier notes that syringe and needle provision programs have been illegal as well, a problem that now Vice President, then Indiana Governor Mike Pence overcame as an opioid-fueled HIV epidemic ravaged a county in his state.

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