What we’re reading: How to pick fights against diseases and win

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If we really want to eradicate diseases . . . – Donated high-technology coolers to transport vaccines across rural terrains during the Democratic Republic of Congo’s most recent Ebola outbreak addressed one critical challenge, helping to contain the virus. But answers to infrastructure deficits that include power and water are needed to ensure the effective responses and equitable health care access essential to protecting public health, this perspective piece argues.

In a rare success, Paraguay conquers malaria – The ability to quickly detect cases and determine if they have been locally transmitted made the difference, public health leaders say. Remaining vigilant will be the secret to holding on to that success, they add.

An open health diplomacy hand works better than a fist – So how do you ensure that countries can build  the infrastructure and disease surveillance capacities that strengthen global health security? Two former U.S. Senators who took roles in the legislation that launched the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief describe how those were some of the ancillary benefits of a program that fostered collaborative international relationships, and improved partner government accountability.

Building prosperity, stability and security through strategic health diplomacy – Read the report that former Senate Majority Leaders Daschle and Frist reference, to learn more.

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