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Reports add to findings of Ebola, Zika impacts

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Two years after recognition of the dangers posed by Zika virus infection during pregnancy, and two years after the waning days of the most devastating Ebola outbreak yet seen, new findings about the impacts of the diseases continue to emerge. Four newborns with paralyzed chest muscles and twisted joints as well as microcephaly, and lab […]

Report finds responsive research, innovative technology, training critical to controlling DRC Ebola outbreak

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Potential for spread, effective intervention highlighted importance of building local capacities The Democratic Republic of Congo had experienced eight previous Ebola virus outbreaks when the most recent emergence of the disease was confirmed there in early May, and hard-earned lessons from the past supplied much of the knowledge that drove the swift response that followed. […]

Digital health information systems are maturing to reflect realities on the ground

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The following is a guest post by Christina Villella, MPH, of MEASURE Evaluation I am sure many of you have been in the same boat, spending months developing a tool to help improve health information systems in low- and middle-income countries. You know the field is saturated with new ideas, so you want to make […]