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Ebola vaccine launch in North Kivu highlights urgency of seizing opportunities, closing health security gaps

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Ebola vaccine deployment reflects progress, need for ongoing strides in surveillance, laboratory resources, training Research toward the development of an Ebola vaccine had languished for more than a decade when the gravity of the outbreak in West Africa was recognized in 2014. Although the virus, and its potential to spread quickly and devastatingly in remote […]

New DRC Ebola outbreak poses high country-level, regional-level risks, WHO says

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“Tracking a deadly high threat pathogen across a war zone” puts response “at the top of the degree of difficulty scale” Risk of global spread remains low The context of the Ebola outbreak just announced in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu province is “very different” from the context of the outbreak just declared […]

Use of Xpert TB diagnostic tool linked to lower death rates from all causes among HIV patients entering care in Malawi study

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Study randomized clinics to use Xpert or fluorescence microscopy for patients newly diagnosed with HIV showing TB symptoms  Among patients newly diagnosed with HIV and showing signs of tuberculosis disease, death rates in the year that followed were 22 percent lower among those in rural clinics assigned to use the Xpert point-of-care TB diagnostic tool, […]