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Guide gives direction to the last 90

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The following is a guest post By Sharon Weir, Ph.D. of MEASURE Evaluation For almost 35 years, HIV/AIDS has been a household word across the globe. At first a death sentence, HIV has infected 78 million people, killing almost half of them as the world battled it into submission as a treatable, chronic—but still dangerous—condition. […]

Dolutegravir results in low-resource setting highlight benefits

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A standard of care treatment in high-income settings, the benefits of dolutegravir-based treatments for HIV have been clear, with a built-in barrier to the development of drug-resistance, and a less frequent or severe side effects that interfere with staying on a medicine. But the benefits in low-income countries have been harder to assess, with costs, […]

Can counseling, links to services cut death rates in half among people with HIV who inject drugs?

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A study across three countries where HIV incidence is fueled by substance use found that a little support went a long way for people living with the virus and injecting drugs — helping them to stay on antiretroviral treatment and opioid substitution therapy, and keep their viral levels suppressed. The study, at health centers in […]