It’s March 1, so we’re reading why every single day should be “Zero Discrimination Day”

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As  countdowns to ending the global impacts of HIV and TB continue, we’re reading about the effects of laws and attitudes that turn pathways to preventing, diagnosing and treating the diseases into obstacle courses. Today is Zero Discrimination Day.

Women and stigma: Conversations of resilience in the war against TB – Stories of sickness and secrecy recounted here share the common theme that stigma surrounding tuberculosis fuels discriminatory barriers to healthcare that exponentially add to the challenges of beating TB.

Act to Change Laws that Discriminate – Actions that individuals, policymakers, donors and activists can take to reverse laws standing in the way of health service access are highlighted in this briefing paper from UNAIDS. Even as the agency finds itself examining obstacles within its own walls standing in the way of achieving its mission, the message here — that recognition of inequity is an essential first step — offers hope for long-awaited changes in how organizations and societies alike respond to perceived vulnerabilities.

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