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IDWeek 2019: Malnutrition is a major driver of TB epidemic globally

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WASHINGTON, DC – Malnutrition is a significant risk factor for developing active tuberculosis disease, accounting for one quarter of all 1.6 million tuberculosis cases globally, while other risk factors like smoking and diabetes are attributed with 16% and 7.5% of infections respectively, researchers said here Tuesday. In spite of that, Dr. Natasha Hochberg of Boston […]

IDWeek: From the start of a specialist society to the next pandemic, a focus on infections makes all the difference

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WASHINGTON, DC – In 1963, when a small group of doctors got together to talk about building infectious disease expertise with a professional organization, Dr. Ed Kass chose the role of meeting secretary. You can make sure things get done when you’re the secretary, he explained. In the Edward H. Kass lecture this morning, Dr. […]

IDWeek: Understanding the genome opens an age of opportunity and action

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WASHINGTON, DC – What if one fast-growing body of knowledge about the most essential part of our make-up could be tapped into to open new avenues to understanding, diagnosing, curing, preventing, even predicting the infections that make this a small world? That is what is happening now, National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins said […]