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IDWeek 2019: Zika, STD talks underscore impacts of funding gaps, missed opportunities

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WASHINGTON, DC – You pay now, or you pay more later. That was one shared point of two named lectures here Thursday, as speakers told the stories of largely different epidemics with current, lasting and escalating impacts. In responses to both Zika and to sexually transmitted diseases, reductions or gaps in funding for services protecting […]

IDWeek 2019: When violent DRC conflict sidelines Ebola responders, a relentless epidemic, and innovation follow

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WASHINGTON, DC – It was August of 2018 when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deployed public health officer Dr. Mary Choi to Beni as part of a small group responding to the outbreak of Ebola that had been recognized in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo in the beginning of the month. […]