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Treat all policies saw increased access, uptake of antiretroviral treatment among teenagers who had lived with the virus from infancy

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Well into the era of effective treatment for HIV, a question contributed to a lag in access to the life-saving antiretroviral drugs in resource limited countries: If everyone was eligible for the medicine, would those who need it most urgently be crowded out? Just the opposite, a study tracking data on antiretroviral treatment initiation among […]

50th Union World Conference on Lung Health: Socioeconomic support improves TB prevention

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HYDERABAD, INDIA – Accelerating efforts to prevent tuberculosis wherever it is treated has been the rallying cry in Hyderabad during this conference. One study shows that providing financial incentives plus social support not only improves TB treatment completion but increases TB screening and preventative therapy uptake among household members of TB patients. “TB is the archetypal […]

50th Union World Conference on Lung Health: Prevention trial targets multidrug-resistant TB

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HYDERABAD, INDIA – The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is investing $70 million in a phase III clinical trial assessing the use of tuberculosis treatments in preventing multidrug-resistant tuberculosis infection among high-risk individuals, including infected household contacts of MDR-TB patients and people living with HIV, institute officials announced here. The trial will compare the […]