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WHO releases new HIV testing guidelines

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With the aim to reach an estimated 8.1 million people who are living with HIV, but remain unaware of their infection, the World Health Organization today released new and updated Consolidated Guidelines on HIV Testing Services For a Changing Epidemic. The guidelines recommended strategies to accelerate linkages to care, improve outreach to the most marginalized […]

ASTMH 2019: In plans to end AIDS impacts on children, an easier trip to the clinic could make all the difference

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NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND – In Malawi, where more than half the population lives in poverty, the available transportation to a clinic can determine whether a child or adolescent living with HIV gets treatment adequate enough to suppress the virus. At the 68th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, where aisles […]

Treat all policies saw increased access, uptake of antiretroviral treatment among teenagers who had lived with the virus from infancy

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Well into the era of effective treatment for HIV, a question contributed to a lag in access to the life-saving antiretroviral drugs in resource limited countries: If everyone was eligible for the medicine, would those who need it most urgently be crowded out? Just the opposite, a study tracking data on antiretroviral treatment initiation among […]