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What we’re reading: As 2019-nCoV toll surpasses that of SARS, what we know, what we’re learning, and what we need to know

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Coronavirus — Unknown Source, Unrecognized Spread, and Pandemic Potential – If the continued spread of the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV across China and to a growing number of countries worldwide continues on its current trajectory, its arrival and then spread in African countries  could carry devastating impacts there far beyond those of the 2014-2016 West Africa […]

2019-nCoV: WHO team to land in China Tuesdsay, “object is still containment”

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Seeking details on the history of transmission and public health response to the outbreak of novel coronavirus discovered in during the early days of December 2019 in Hubei Province, a World Health Organization-appointed team will land in China Tuesday to launch what WHO officials say will be a collaboration and exchange of ideas on measures […]