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Covid-19: As its toll surpasses 1000 lives, the new coronavirus outbreak gets a name

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Covid-19 is announced as China case count surges past 40,000, as 13th patient diagnosed in U.S. Dr. Tedros also notes that struggle to end DRC Ebola outbreak continues Unheard of, and across most of the world unrecognized until two months ago, the disease caused by a novel coronavirus that as of today has taken more […]

Integrating services works to curb HIV transmission from mothers to their infants and retain mothers in care, study shows

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The following is a guest post by Emily Bobrow, PhD, of MEASURE Evaluation A combination of integrated service delivery approaches for mothers who are living with HIV has been shown in Uganda to improve retaining mothers in HIV care for 12 months and increasing exclusive breastfeeding for infants, as well as providing an increase in […]