When will UN Security Council convene for COVID-19? The virus hunts humans — not nationalities

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Dr. Daniel Lucey, who has responded to, and monitored information on outbreaks since 2001, has provided a series of updates and analysis on what is now the COVID-19 pandemic in Science Speaks posts first published Jan. 7. This is his 18th update on questions raised by the continued spread of, and responses to the virus that causes COVID-19.

The United Nations has posted many dozens of excellent documents and videos regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic on their UN News website  and their UN Communications Team website.

Regarding the  COVID-19 Pandemic, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated in his first virtual press conference on March 19 that “we are facing a global health crisis unlike any in the 75-year history of the United Nations”. In addition, he emphasized that “Our world is facing a common enemy. We are at war with the virus.”

The pandemic is spreading now across multiple epicenters, like viral volcanoes in a growing ring of fire, in the northern Hemisphere. At the same time we should anticipate and defend against the coming COVID-19 winter in the southern Hemisphere June-September.

As part of the immediate and sustained international response against this pandemic, convening the United Nations Security Council for COVID-19, as was done in September 2018 for the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, would be an act of wisdom and great leadership.

Dr. Daniel Lucey

Daniel Lucey, M.D. MPH, FIDSA, FACP, is an infectious diseases physician and adjunct professor of infectious diseases at Georgetown University Medical Center, a senior scholar at the Georgetown University O’Neil Institute, Anthropology Research Associate, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and a member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America Global Health Committee.He has served as a volunteer medical responder to outbreaks that included the West Africa Ebola crisis. He has collected information on outbreaks starting in 2001 with cases of anthrax in 2001, and including smallpox vaccination 2002, SARS 2003, H5N1 Flu 2004, MERS in 2013, and Ebola in April, 2014, He has gathered, and  updated information on the spread of the coronavirus Jan. 6.


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