COVID-19: More than 62,000 cases and 294 deaths in US health care personnel

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The following is a guest post by Daniel R. Lucey M.D., MPH FIDSA

Updated yesterday, May 27 the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that of the 285,282 persons officially reportedin the U.S. with COVID-19 for whom health care status was available, a total of  62, 690 were infected “health care personnel.”

Of that shocking number the CDC reported that death status was only available for 35,673 persons.

Of the 35, 673 persons, 294 deaths were reported among health care personnel.

Notably, no demographic data (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity) were provided.

The next update in June will include more infected health care personnel.

Why has this epidemic-within-the-pandemic occurred in the USA, and world-wide and what must be done to stop it?

Previously, on April 17, only 40 days earlier, the US CDC reported in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that 9,282 infected health care personnel had been officially reported, including 27 who had died.

Of the infected health care personnel for whom data was available, the CDC reported then that 6,603 (73%) were female, the median age was 42 years, 72% were white, 21% black, 5% Asian and 2% “other or multiple races.”

Daniel Lucey, M.D. MPH, FIDSA, FACP, is an infectious diseases physician and adjunct professor of infectious diseases at Georgetown University Medical Center, a senior scholar at the Georgetown University O’Neil Institute, Anthropology Research Associate, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and a member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America Global Health Committee.He has served as a volunteer medical responder to outbreaks that included the West Africa Ebola crisis. He has collected information on outbreaks starting in 2001 with cases of anthrax in 2001, and including smallpox vaccination 2002, SARS 2003, H5N1 Flu 2004, MERS in 2013, and Ebola in April, 2014, He has gathered, and  updated information on the spread of the coronavirus here since Jan. 6.

One thought on “COVID-19: More than 62,000 cases and 294 deaths in US health care personnel

  1. stuart burstin, md, phd, facp, facp

    How many of these deaths and illnesses would have been prevented by appropriate national governmental leadership, and appropriate PPE availability, will never be known. What is apparent is that the situation is still not changed. There is a central government that is not performing its function of rational leadership in a time of unprecedented crisis. While I am not sure it will help, a public statement that is made available to the population of voters about the aberrant leadership from the current administration from the IDSA and placed into the echo chamber of rational media and health care providers may move the next election toward stopping this attach on our experiment in representative democracy.
    To paraphrase Benjamin Rush, we are in danger of having won the war, but loosing the revolution.


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