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Has testing of humans for asymptomatic and mild H5N8 bird flu begun in other nations with H5N8 outbreaks after seven infected workers in Russia’s Astrakhan region?

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By Daniel R. Lucey MD, MPH, FIDSA On Saturday (Feb. 20 ), the Russian news agency TASS reported: “At the beginning of December 2020, an outbreak of bird flu occurred at a poultry farm in Akhtubinsky district . . . During this period, seven employees of the poultry farm had a slight health disorder (sore […]

Lancet series highlights a vicious circle of inequities hobbling efforts to end disease spread

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Steeped in inequities that include formidable barriers to basic health services for multitudes of its most vulnerable, marginalized and neglected people, the country leading global HIV responses, continues to fall far short of attainable goals to control its epidemic at home, a Lancet series of articles by leading HIV researchers released today shows. While the […]