What We’re Reading: Why it’s time to pick the next PEPFAR leader

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Leader Needed to Fight Another Pandemic: HIV – While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted HIV services worldwide, the office of U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator has remained vacant since January. This vacancy at the helm of this country’s flagship response to the HIV pandemic “calls into question our commitment to the humanitarian vision and recognition of our common good that was manifested with the launch of PEPFAR, and the extraordinary investments made over the years since in evidence-based solutions to our shared challenges,” writes Dr. Carlos del Rio in this Hill opinion piece. “If that commitment is wavering,” he adds, “we are in terrible trouble.” Dr. del Rio, a former chair of the HIV Medicine Association, and current vice president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, which produces this blog, notes that qualified candidates stand ready. “It is time to pick one.”

Exclusive: Five Potential Picks to Succeed Deborah Birx and PEPFAR – This Devex scoop lists some of those reported consideration, including three noted HIV leaders, and two well known — and well- connected champions of strengthened and equitable global health efforts.

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