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World Health Assembly on 2019:  US steps aside on climate change health impacts

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GENEVA – The countries least responsible for climate change are paying the highest price in health impacts, a delegate from Barbados was the first to note here on Thursday. That point was repeated by representatives from more countries in deliberations toward the draft World Health Organization global strategy on health, environment and climate change that […]

World Health Assembly 2019: As antibiotic pipeline dimishes, time runs out for patients

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GENEVA – Jonathan was a 27-year-old healthy newlywed when he broke his leg in a skiing accident. Surgery on his leg was followed by bad pain, swelling, and redness. He had a bloodstream infection. Within four days, the infection spread to his brain. His laboratory test results indicated that the bacteria causing his infection were […]

World Health Assembly 2019: Health leaders confront impacts of global vaccine barriers

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GENEVA – Expert panelists from the World  Health Organization, United States, other nations and civil society agreed in a discussion here today that misinformation, easily spread through social media, continues to cause significant confusion among parents about the safety and benefits of vaccines. At least 480 websites are currently dedicated to actively spread misinformation about […]