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AIDS 2018: Global health security, economic stability priorities for U.S. global TB response

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AMSTERDAM – Addressing the threats that tuberculosis  poses to global health security and economic stability is the highest prioritiy in the U.S. government’s global TB response, U.S. Agency for International Development’s chief of staff William Steiger said here on Sunday. Drug-resistant forms of TB account for one in four of antimicrobial resistant infections, Steiger said, demanding […]

AIDS 2018: The way to 90-90-90 success against HIV (and more) can be found in Amsterdam

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AMSTERDAM – While global momentum remains insufficient to reach testing and treatment goals deemed critical to controlling HIV, cities with coordinated, localized responses are nearing, have met and even exceeded those goals, data presented here Saturday showed. One is Amsterdam, where, by 2016, 94 percent of all people living with HIV knew it, 93 percent of […]

An affirmation on the way to AIDS 2018: Much has changed, not enough, and some for the worse

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In calls for improved inclusiveness, evidence-based expenditures, and people-based policies, screeds released in advance of International AIDS Conferences tend to echo those of the year before, holding, if not advancing, established intentions. This year’s, an “affirmation,” rather than a “declaration” seems to acknowledge that in its title, but it also notes significant changes — in […]