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9th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science

IAS 2017: UNITAID, partners boost HIV self-test access in six African countries

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PARIS –The UNITAID-led HIV Self-Testing Africa consortium will expand the reach of its project from Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabswe to include South Africa Lesotho and Swaziland leaders of the effort announced here Monday. That means the distribution of 4.8 million more tests, nearly half of which will go to South Africa. A UNITAID investment of […]

IAS 2017: With midpoint numbers showing 90-90-90 goals near for some, eluding others, innovation and equalizers take precedence

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PARIS – With a graph showing an apparently achievable trajectory from the 19.5 million people on treatment at the end of 2016, to the 30 million people who must receive treatment by 2020 to control HIV as a global health threat within the 10 years that then follow, a preconference session here examining progress toward […]

IAS 2017: UNAIDS numbers show returns, need for greater investment, international leaders say

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PARIS –  At a Saturday session here UNAIDS leader Michel Sidibé remembered his early days at UNICEF in Swaziland, when the sweep of HIV in southern Africa, ignored and neglected, threatened the survival of entire nations. “We were thinking that Botswana will not be on the map,” he said, “that Swaziland would disappear. It was […]