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The Infectious Diseases Society of America’s 49th Annual Meeting.

What happened in Haiti Part II: One country’s battle against time and cholera

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Part II: The public health response

The long distances patients have to travel to get care, poor water treatment and sanitation across Haiti, and the fact that the Haitian population hasn’t been exposed to cholera for at least 100 years all contributed to an inability to control the epidemic that has taken already taken the lives of more than 6,600 people…

GB Virus C: HIV’s viral enemy?

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Researchers continue to unfold the curious link between HIV and GB Virus C (GBV-C). “Every study that shows persistent [GBV-C] infection over time has shown a survival benefit to HIV co-infected patients. How does this work? Why does this virus improve survival among people with HIV? Can we use it therapeutically?” Jack T Stapleton, MD, […]