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IDWeek 2014, Philadelphia

IDWeek: Children may be spared from Ebola infection but not its impact

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While children are “relatively spared” from becoming infected with Ebola due to limited contact with Ebola patients compared to adults, children in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia have to deal with a myriad of other problems that leave them vulnerable to other diseases and poor health, said Barbara Mahon of the Centers for Disease Control […]

IDWeek: Some progress in TB drug and diagnostic development, but not enough

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The emerging crisis of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is a “personal and health system catastrophe” that’s occurring half a million times a year in the form of new cases, Eric Nuermberger said at an IDWeek session on HIV-related opportunistic diseases. Not only is it an intensively difficult disease to treat, requiring up to two years of therapy […]

IDWeek: Look at behavior economics to improve ART adherence

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Making HIV medications free or low cost is very important for removing barriers to HIV care access, but it’s not enough to ensure adherence, Kevin Volpp said at IDWeek. HIV/AIDS programs must take behavioral economics into account when designing programs to promote adherence and ensure people living with HIV remain in the cascade of care. […]

IDWeek: Update TB strategies to meet global challenges

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PHILADELPHIA, PA- Without new tools, soon, to address multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, TB control efforts made over the last two decades will be defeated, Dr. Carol Dukes Hamilton said this week, in an IDWeek presentation. Hamilton, co-chair of the Infectious Diseases Society of America Center for Global Health Policy called drug-resistant TB a runaway train. New tools are […]

IDWeek 2014: Health infrastructure gaps drive Ebola crisis

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The picture depicts a grim scene – a derelict room in a clinic furnished by a cot and a bucket; a blood splatter on the floor. The blood, from an Ebola patient’s gastrointestinal hemorrhage, was there for days after that patient’s death, Rob Fowler said today during an IDWeek presentation. Fowler showed the picture and […]