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IDWeek Meeting, New Orleans

IDWeek 2016: Low- and middle-income countries are most affected by antimicrobial resistance, have the least capacity to address it

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NEW ORLEANS, La – Low- and middle income countries have lower per-capita consumption of antibiotics than high income countries yet bear a larger burden of antimicrobial resistance, panelists said at IDWeek. While high-income countries are looking to develop innovative stewardship programs and new drugs to combat antimicrobial resistance, low- and middle-income countries often have limited capacity […]

IDWeek 2016: Brazilian HIV physician describes living with endemic Zika infection

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New Orleans, La – The most disturbing thing about having Zika, Dr. Mauro Schechter said, was pruritus, or severe itching. But severe itching isn’t the right way to describe it, he said at IDWeek’s opening plenary. It felt as if “you have pins coming from inside out, plus itching,” he said. “Maybe it’s a sign […]