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Trump budget proposes to gut research, responses that counter disease threats at home and around the world

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Administration details deep cuts to CDC domestic and global health programs, steep drops in National Institutes of Health funding, and a retreat from efforts to find and control outbreaks where they start . . . and calls it “Putting America’s Health First” Work led by the United States to prevent, detect, treat and control diseases, […]

Trump administration should be ready for global infectious disease outbreaks from day one, panel says

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No matter how hard the Trump administration will try to focus solely on domestic issues to “make America great again,” Bill Steiger said last week at an event on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University, a public health issue of international importance will arise that will demand the U.S. government’s attention. And investing in building up […]

President Obama leaves a global health legacy marked by science, strategy, progress, challenge

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“Few could have imagined that we’d be talking about the real possibility of an AIDS-free generation, but we are. And we arrived here because of all of you and your unwavering belief that we can – and will – beat this disease.” President Barack Obama, Dec. 1, 2011 When President Barack Obama took office on […]