Online Press Room: May 20 Global HIV-TB Briefing

Media Contacts

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact Meredith Mazzotta,, 703-740-4954.

Event Overview

  • Agenda
  • Video archive: Full video from the event is archived here.
  • Blog: Read our event posts  (written live from the event) here. We’ll be uploading some more video interviews shortly.
  • Twitter: Review our live tweets from the event at the #HIVTB hashtag.
  • Photos: See our Facebook page for some photos from the event.

Speaker Presentations

Press Materials

Journal Articles

The full set of articles from the Clinical Infectious Diseases’ supplement titled “Synergistic Pandemics: Confronting the Global HIV and Tuberculosis Epidemics” can be downloaded here. The speakers’ articles are listed below.

6 thoughts on “Online Press Room: May 20 Global HIV-TB Briefing

  1. Carlos Fioravanti

    I am a science writer based in Brazil, former Reuters Fellow at Oxford and have just concluded my PhD thesis about the course of a Brazilian compound called P-Mapa.

    After reading your posts, I thought that you would be interested in knowing that P-Mapa compound was effective to deter TB in vivo on testes carried out in the US by NIAID teams.

    Also, the Brazil based non-profit research network Farmabrasilis has launched a proposal to fight infectious diseases, which includes the possibility of free of charge licensing of data and methods of production.

    For details, please take a look at and


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