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Planned Parenthood “Global Gag Rule” report is latest to diverge sharply from State Department assessment that policy does no harm

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Drawing on previously published findings and on-the-ground interviews, a report from Planned Parenthood details damage to global health gains, including in closed programs, weakened civil society, divided communities, and squandered local training, as well as direct impacts to public and individual health from the policy introduced by the Trump administration two years ago called “Protecting […]

Global Reproductive Rights and the Link to HIV/AIDS

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This post is by the Global Center’s Rabita Aziz. Toni Bond Leonard, president and CEO of Black Women for Reproductive Justice (BWRJ),  was 12 years old when she became pregnant.  Her mother, a single woman unable to earn an income due to debilitating multiple sclerosis, ran their household on the $300 a month she received […]