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IDWeek 2020: A look at HIV, COVID-19 in America highlights the role of racism as a vector of infectious diseases

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The 2020 Edward H. Kass Lecture: “All policy is health policy” When the disparate and damaging impacts of HIV and AIDS on Black Americans across the United States finally began to draw notice in the late 1980s and early ’90s, the recognition came with an assumption. Those most affected by the epidemic, common wisdom had […]

Enhanced NIH Funding Vital For Success in Battle Against AIDS

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If there’s any question about the value of U.S. investments in scientific research on HIV/AIDS, Anthony Fauci probably put it to rest today by noting that in the period since HIV first emerged, “we went from a 26-week lifespan to a 40-year-plus life span” for those infected with the virus. Talk about measureable outcomes. That […]