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Responding to diseases in the shadows now, with access to knowledge and treatment . . . We’re reading about equalizing health

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XDR-TB is worse than Ebola but we can act – The author, Dr. Philip Lederer, is an infectious diseases physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital with a clinical focus on tuberculosis and other non-tuberculous mycobacteria, and a member of TB Proof. Evoking both Albert Camus’s The Plague and David Frances’ How to Survive […]

Anita Datar, who worked to bring the world together in health, lost to attack in Mali

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“Without a strategic plan or a road map, many countries suffered from multiple, fragmented systems that could not share information.” Some people look at a map and see divisions. Anita Datar looked at maps and saw ways to pull the world together. The horrific tragedy of the great difference between those two perspectives came into stark […]

Mapping health facilities supports accountability, saves lives

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Do countries have accurate information on where health facilities are located? The following is a guest post from Anita Datar of Health Policy Project, telling how answering that question is essential to good governance, health system performance, and emergency responses, and why competent, accurate mapping and updating of Master Health Facility Lists is still a […]