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Uganda’s HIV criminalization, mandatory testing bill signed into law against local and international cautions of harms to health, human rights

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Jail terms to punish “attempted” and “intentional” transmission of HIV, as well as forced HIV testing of sex crime victims, people accused of sex crimes, pregnant women and their partners and anyone who “unreasonably” withholds consent to be tested are now law in Uganda, with President Yoweri Museveni’s assent to The HIV and AIDS Prevention […]

Ugandan women living with HIV urge Museveni not to sign bill that forces testing, criminalizes transmission, and breaches confidentiality

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Parliament committee notes that clauses run counter to international HIV, human rights guidelines against laws creating HIV-specific crimes “The House may wish to note that the situation of HIV in the country is very bad,” begins the Ugandan Parliament Committee on Health report on the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Bill passed Tuesday. The […]