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A tour of cure news, a request for proposals, the facts about HIV treatment, and more

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‘Cured of AIDS’? Not yet: This New York Times article by Donald McNeil captures the excitement spurring HIV cure research and the significance of recent developments, and spells out the ways that knowledge about how virus works continues to grow. It is more accessible than the research presentations that announced these advances, more comprehensive than […]

AIDS is not over, turning a dream into reality, how to reduce sex work risks and more . . .

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AIDS is not over: All right, so maybe nobody said it was, but all the same the massive, “super-human” effort of the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study in The Lancet December issue is a timely reminder that in the era of evolving and effective treatment, and talk of an AIDS-free generation, the disease continues […]

With sex workers and drug users banned from US travel, AIDS 2012 features sessions about them, without them

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Some of the best news for some of those hit hardest by the epidemic came early in AIDS 2012 with Secretary Clinton’s welcoming remarks, when, citing progress in both science and implementation, while emphasizing the impact of the epidemic on sex workers and people who use injecting drugs, she told the audience ” . . […]