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Supreme Court strikes down anti-prostitution AIDS funding requirement: “It violates the First Amendment and cannot be sustained”

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 IN 6-2 DECISION: “The Policy Requirement goes beyond defining the limits of the federally funded program to defining the recipient” Public health experts said the requirement stifled an essential exchange of ideas. Congressional representatives said the requirement distorted the intention of the act that authorized the U.S. global AIDS response. Global health advocates and groups […]

Guns, apartheid, recycling . . . all part of oral arguments as Supreme Court takes on “anti-prostitution pledge”

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What if the government was awarding a contract to fight malaria in a developing country, and an organization bidding for the work had all the technical expertise the work called for, but also a history of criticizing the government? Should that keep the organization from getting the contract? Could one of the strings attached to […]

Does the anti-prostitution pledge violate the first amendment? Supreme Court to decide

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Sometime this spring, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether requiring organizations getting federal AIDS-fighting money to explicitly condemn prostitution is constitutional. For practical purposes the court’s decision will settle a question that has been answered two different ways by now, in the long and confusing trail that began when the requirement was added […]