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While unreached populations challenge HIV response successes, Malawi High Court to review sodomy laws

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When three stories from widely diverse sources address the same topic in the same week, they provide a glimpse of problems viewed from different angles, and perhaps a glimpse of progress. In this case, the day after this article from Reuters asked Could Concentrated HIV epidemics make AIDS unbeatable? a PBS feature story explored The […]

Rights activist’s trial raises issues behind Zambia’s HIV fight

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The trial of Zambian HIV and human rights activist Paul Kasonkomona on charges stemming from his appearance on television talk show resumed Tuesday as scheduled, but was stalled by a slight glitch, according to a news report, “after attempts to play a recording of the television programme in court as part of the evidence failed.” […]

Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill makes this International Human Rights Day a time to look at health impacts of homophobic landscapes

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The Ugandan Parliament speaker’s promise to present his country with the “Christmas present” of a revived anti-homosexuality bill has led, in turn to a revived interest in the human rights landscape of that country, three years after the bill with its death penalty provision for “aggravated homosexuality” was first announced. The most recent attention, with […]