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South Africa’s Treatment Action Campaign needs help: We’re reading about TAC’s contributions to global health and human rights, and how the world can give back

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When some day AIDS ends as a global threat, the group that started in the country with the greatest burden of the disease in the world, and formed its life-saving mission to confront the toll of the disease around human rights, dignity and equality, will take its place, and its share of credit in history. […]

Community driven approaches, engaging affected populations, PEER awards . . . We’re reading about how to get science to people

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Getting outside the HIV prevention “comfort zone”: “I know that if you get anti-retroviral drugs into someone’s blood, they suppress the virus . . .” says Linda-Gail Bekker, chief operating officer of the South Africa-based Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, in this IRIN article, “But now we have to put this together so it works, which […]

Programs, research, funding for tuberculosis response leave children behind

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When a disease spreads among people living in close quarters and poverty, the question of how hard it is hitting some of the most vulnerable people in its path seems obvious: How many children are suffering from, and dying of tuberculosis? The answer: Nobody seems to know. Numbers are just the tip of the iceberg […]