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CUGH 2019: Researchers say training, resources for the “private sector,” including traditional healers, will be critical to TB control

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CHICAGO – To find the missing tuberculosis cases that go unreported each year, national TB programs will have to reach out to the places where the most people seek care, researchers said here. And that’s not in public hospitals or clinics where capacities to respond to TB already exist, but in the private sector in […]

HIV dollars drop with waning philanthropic funds . . . and a goodbye to England’s Rose

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Like a candle in the wind, support for HIV responses risks burning out long before the epidemic ever will . . . On one hand, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, one of the top 20 philanthropic funders of HIV responses is still going strong, with more than $17 million in disbursements last year and a […]

White House Leadership Needed to Make Bill Gates’ Vaccine Vision a Reality

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This is a guest blog by Holly Wong, vice president of public policy for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. Testifying recently before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the President’s Global Health Initiative (GHI), Bill Gates highlighted the critical role health technologies play in economic development. He also reiterated a call, first made in January […]