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AIDS vaccine update: With Thai trial, broadly neutralizing antibodies, new technologies and monkeys that met the SIV challenge, “we’re closer than ever”

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NIH AIDS Vaccine Research Program Director: “The future of HIV-1 Vaccines is bright.” In 1997, scientists announced the birth of Dolly the cloned sheep, a computer named Deep Blue beat reigning chess champion Gary Kasparov, and the Hubble telescope brought the far reaches of outer space closer. President Bill Clinton pointed to all of these […]

Fauci: HIV imaging yields “significant advance” in vaccine inquiry

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For 15 years scientists have worked to get a clear enough picture of how the protein surrounding the virus that leads to AIDS interacts with antibodies, to guide the development of a vaccine that would instigate an effective immune response. For years, the delicate and complicated structure of that protein has made that difficult, and […]