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The 51st Union Conference on Lung Health: Race to secure COVID-19 vaccine doses leaves most countries behind

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The United States is lagging behind other high-income countries in cutting deals with COVID-19 vaccine developers for doses of vaccine per capita, scientists at the 51st Union World Conference on Lung Health showed. With 48 candidate vaccines currently in human clinical trials globally, countries and multilateral organizations are in a race to secure enough doses […]

World Health Assembly 2019: Health leaders confront impacts of global vaccine barriers

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GENEVA – Expert panelists from the World  Health Organization, United States, other nations and civil society agreed in a discussion here today that misinformation, easily spread through social media, continues to cause significant confusion among parents about the safety and benefits of vaccines. At least 480 websites are currently dedicated to actively spread misinformation about […]

Reactions to the New CSIS Report on "Smart Global Health Policy"

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The Center for Strategic and International Studies yesterday unveiled  a new “must-read” report for global health advocates, “Smart Global Health Policy.” While a panel at the Congressionally-chartered Institute of Medicine, made up primarily of scientists, issued recommendations on US global health policy last year, the CSIS panel is the first to involve high-level business leaders […]