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AVAC: HIV vaccine, microbicides, PrEP trial results say reality must guide research

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For all the graphics illustrating results of HIV prevention trials in recent years, the Venn diagram on the cover of Research & Reality, the report released by AVAC today, may be the one that depicts the sum of their findings. Which is really saying something, when one considers the up-and-down nature of prevention research results […]

Can a vaginal ring be part of HIV prevention arsenal by 2016?

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With up to $40 million in two five-year USAID grants, HIV prevention for women gathers speed . . . A little more than 10 years ago, a New York Times reporter interviewing International Partnership for Microbicides chief executive Zeda Rosenberg pointed to estimates putting the earliest possible marketing of topical product women could use and […]

Thai trial yield continues with news vaccine changed virus

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The vaccine that showed a vaccine can prevent HIV infection also has shown that the vaccine changed the virus in people who did become infected, according to research revealed today in the first plenary session of AIDS Vaccine 2012. The findings were the third revelation from a study that first generated excitement in the AIDS […]