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Opioid substitution therapy successful, and critical, in first mainland sub-Saharan Africa program

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The first publicly funded program to provide methadone maintenance therapy to people who inject opiate drugs on the mainland of sub-Saharan Africa retained clients at rates comparable to wealthier countries and, in the process, yielded information that could increase the success of other such programs, a study has shown. The program, and the study to […]

CID Study Suggests Pregnant Women Need Wider Access to ART

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There’s fresh evidence out today that greater access to AIDS treatment for women will help keep their babies healthy. A new article in Clinical Infectious Diseases reports that a higher maternal viral load during the 30th week of pregnancy significantly increased the risk of HIV transmission to the baby—a finding that provides additional confirmation of […]

New Study On HIV Transmission and Breastfeeding Should Inform US Global Health Policy

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The link between HIV/AIDS and child and maternal health just got more inextricable. According to a study of HIV-positive mothers and babies in Zambia, published this week in Clinical Infectious Diseases, early weaning of uninfected infants more than doubled the risk of death among those children. The study suggests, in other words, that antiretroviral therapy […]