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Groups seek recognition of global health response “secret weapon”

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When people talk about the how life-saving medicine finally made it to poor countries, how tuberculosis patients far from clinics finished grueling treatment courses, and how 50 million or so newborns made it past infancy over the last 20 years because their mothers, and they, got the treatment they needed, the talk is often of […]

Clean water and HIV, new look and features for watchdog Aidspan site, “good Samaritans” living in poverty, and more . . .

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Safe Water Critical to health of HIV-positive people: Clean water and accessible sanitary toilet facilities are essential to the success of HIV care and treatment, this IRIN story notes, focusing on conditions in Ethiopia. It cites Wateraid, saying that patients on antiretroviral medicine need at least a liter and a half of clean water a day […]