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Global health donor proliferation without coordination raises questions of redundancy, inefficiency, burdens to hosts — and impact

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In basic numbers, this is some of what the last decade of donor awakening has totaled up to across the global health landscape: 37 donors responding to HIV in 143 countries; 22 donors responding to tuberculosis in 109 countries; 27 donors responding to malaria in 86 countries; 36 donors responding to family planning and reproductive […]

With “transitions” underway, report emphasizes distinction between “country ownership” and government ownership

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THE DISTINCTION? “COUNTRY” INCLUDES CIVIL SOCIETY GROUPS REPRESENTING THOSE GOVERNMENTS JAIL, NEGLECT, LEAVE VULERNABLE In Zambia, the nation’s Home Affairs Minister tells gay rights advocates to “go to hell” while an HIV treatment advocate faces jail time for speaking of the need to reach vulnerable populations. In Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, homophobic views voiced by […]

U.S. Global Health Diplomacy raises question: What is country ownership?

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A little more than four years ago when the then new Global AIDS Ambassador Eric Goosby came to a town hall style talk at the Kaiser Family Foundation to discuss the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief, the idea of  “country ownership” of AIDS-fighting efforts came up once, in a question put to him about […]