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Leaders, advocates, researchers, clinicians call for universal immediate HIV treatment access

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A commentary published online today in The Lancet co-authored by leaders of global funding agencies and organizations as well as leading researchers, clinicians, and civil society workers responding to HIV globally calls for immediate access to antiretroviral treatment for all people infected with HIV, without rationing based on geographic location or advanced state of illness. […]

Dr. Deborah Birx: Fighting AIDS with research and treatment changed landscapes of care, prevention, colleagues say

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Two events make up the pillars of the narrative people who have worked with Dr. Deborah Birx tell, when they talk about the the physician researcher who has been nominated to lead the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. One event concerns the only clinical trial for an HIV vaccine candidate to yield proof of […]

Final GHI To Be Unveiled Soon, Many Details Still Uncertain

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At the start of a forum today on the Obama Administration’s Global Health Initiative, Jen Kates, the Kaiser Family Foundation’s director of global health policy and HIV, laid out eight major questions about the proposal—queries that will go a long way toward determining whether the initiative is a success or not. After a 90-minute discussion, […]