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HIV stigma reduction should be at core of global HIV response, say panelists

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When Regan Hoffman first moved to Washington D.C., she was asked by a potential landlord why she worked in HIV/AIDS advocacy.  Fearing discrimination, she hesitated before saying that she works in HIV advocacy because she’s infected with the disease herself.  Her landlord said he didn’t care about her status, and she breathed a sigh of […]

Lessons from South Asia

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A theater troupe performing plays about men who have sex with men.  A group of injecting drug users in Bangladesh drawing attention to their plight with red mannequins.  And a beauty pageant in Nepal –with only transgendered contestants. In South Asia, a number of different initiatives are now under way in attempting to reduce stigma […]

HIV Stigma Partly to Blame for Vertical Transmission

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This post is by the Global Center’s Rabita Aziz. The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) has released a report on how social stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV may result in higher prevalence rates, particularly in relation to increases in mother-to-child transmission when women are reluctant to accept HIV testing, disclose their status, or […]