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Stigma surrounding tuberculosis keeps patients from services, worsens health risks, but remains largely unmeasured, unaddressed

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Interviews in Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia health facilities found that the more staff knew about patients’ rights, the likelier they were to recognize — and report — discrimination against people with tuberculosis. A study in Lesotho found links between stigma surrounding HIV and TB and increased rates of depression and alcohol use among co-infected patients. […]

48th Union World Conference: In the long path to TB care, competence is among the obstacles

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GUADALAJARA, Mexico – One after another, patients came to clinics and hospitals in rural China complaining of alarming, nagging and debilitating symptoms. They noted  coughs and fevers that didn’t go away, and that they were losing weight for no apparent reason. Their symptoms should have sounded familiar in the health centers of a country with […]