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Putting Women First in the Fight against Global HIV/AIDS

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Last week, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) brought together a number of panelists from various administration agencies and NGOs at an event called “Linkages between Gender, AIDS, and Development – Implications for U.S. Policy.”  Panelists discussed the importance of placing women’s and girl’s health at the forefront of the Obama Administration’s global […]

Scientific Data on PrEP is Promising, But Real-World Impact Still Uncertain

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Willard Cates, Jr., MD, MPH, President, Research, Family Health International, recently gave a provocative presentation at a Microbicides Trial Network meeting in Washington, D.C., providing insights about the potential public health impact of microbicides, if the scientific evidence demonstrates efficacy in preventing HIV transmission. We spoke with Dr. Cates about the challenges of translating scientific […]

An End to the Vertical Vs. Horizontal Debate?

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For decades, global health experts, policymakers, and others have been debating the merits of disease-specific initiatives versus broader efforts to strengthen health systems. It’s the old the vertical vs. horizontal argument. No one has settled that debate. But maybe we should stop asking that particular question. Or at least start asking some new ones.  “It’s not a […]