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Fixing what’s broken and breaking what’s fixed . . . We’re reading about WHO and Ebola, India and its role in global health

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UN health agency urges better global preparedness against future outbreaks – It was the end of March when Ebola was confirmed in Conakry, Guinea, the first time in the 40-year recorded history of the highly contagious and deadly disease that an outbreak had occurred in a capital city. By June, the outbreak had spread to […]

Global Health 2014: Top 10 stories in HIV, TB around the world

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Ebola – Why is Ebola one of the top 10 stories in HIV and TB globally? Because the current crisis in West Africa echoes the history of those epidemics, highlights weaknesses that will continue to dog ongoing work to conquer those epidemics, and has once again shown that neglecting infectious disease anywhere poses a threat […]

Gilead hepatitis C drug price deal leaves global treatment access advocates underwhelmed

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When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved sofosbuvir for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in early December, it was a step that was “expected to dramatically improve outcomes for many patients,” as one report put it. But how many was a big question, as we noted here. While the drug shortens treatment for […]