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With biomedical research driven by profit rather than need, MSF examines why innovation fails to address world’s biggest health problems

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Report proposes new and focused approaches to developing drugs, diagnostics and vaccines A pharmaceutical company develops a long-awaited drug that represents the last hope for hundreds of thousands of people sick with drug-resistant tuberculosis, but doesn’t register it in any of the countries where the burden of the disease is greatest. While the World Health […]

Birx, Farmer: Global AIDS lessons can inform, equip hepatitis response

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WASHINGTON, DC — Health leaders who gathered Wednesday at the White House to commemorate World Hepatitis Day agreed that recognition of the needless toll and continuing threat of that global, infectious and often deadly disease has been a long time coming. They also cited practical promise in the recent World Health Assembly Hepatitis Resolution that […]

Gilead hepatitis C drug price deal leaves global treatment access advocates underwhelmed

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When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved sofosbuvir for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in early December, it was a step that was “expected to dramatically improve outcomes for many patients,” as one report put it. But how many was a big question, as we noted here. While the drug shortens treatment for […]