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WH Officials Announce IAS Conference Set for D.C. in 2012, Leaves Other Key Global AIDS Policy Questions Unanswered

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Today’s White House news conference on the Obama Administration’s global HIV/AIDS efforts did not, in fact, provide all that much news. The main announcement came from Secretary Hillary Clinton, who said the International AIDS Society would host its 2012 conference in Washington, D.C., a step made possible by the Administration’s repeal of the HIV entry […]

PACHA Gets Strong Leader In Helene Gayle

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Will the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS become a more effective, invigorated outfit under the leadership of Dr. Helene Gayle? There’s reason to hope so—and to think that under Gayle’s stewardship, PACHA may focus on both the domestic and global challenges of the AIDS epidemic. A pediatrician by training and currently the CEO of CARE […]