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Global Health 2014: Top 10 stories in HIV, TB around the world

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Ebola – Why is Ebola one of the top 10 stories in HIV and TB globally? Because the current crisis in West Africa echoes the history of those epidemics, highlights weaknesses that will continue to dog ongoing work to conquer those epidemics, and has once again shown that neglecting infectious disease anywhere poses a threat […]

Uganda follows the U.S., while Gambia follows Uganda and none of that is good news . . . We’re reading about setting bad examples

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Criminalization threatens global progress against AIDS – Dr. Kenneth Mayer is a clinician and researcher who works in U.S. and global HIV responses, so he is in a good position to see patterns in successes and failures in both efforts. Here he explains how Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni could feel comfortable visiting the White House […]