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Interactive website highlights global gaps, leaders, outliers among national HIV policies

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When the World Health Organization released an announcement in Vancouver this month that its updated and highly anticipated HIV treatment guidelines were “moving towards” advising treatment for all people living with HIV, the international agency noted that the recommendations follow scientific evidence from three major clinical research trials showing that immediate access to antiretroviral treatment […]

Analysis shows death rate divide for those with and without earlier access to HIV treatment

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Comparison shows that in 2013, an estimated 65 of every thousand people living with HIV in Nigeria died, a rate as much as 13 times that of higher income countries Ensuring that in the next five years, 90 percent of people living with HIV in South Africa are aware of their infections, 90 percent of […]

START findings highlight treatment divide

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“It’s just more scientific evidence to back what we’ve been saying for a long time.” Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, announcing the conclusion of the START trial, which began in 2011 to assess “the best time for healthy HIV-infected people to begin antiretrovirals.” The announcement from the National Institute […]