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HIV briefing panelists: Science yielded answers, now is the time to speed their application

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“In 1985, I managed only dying patients,” Dr. Myron Cohen told a packed room in the Russell Senate Office Building today. By 1995 that had changed, he added. In 2013, he continued, people with HIV stay alive and healthy with one pill a day. Cohen, along with fellow panelists Dr. Chris Beyrer, Dr. Laura Guay, […]

With “transitions” underway, report emphasizes distinction between “country ownership” and government ownership

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THE DISTINCTION? “COUNTRY” INCLUDES CIVIL SOCIETY GROUPS REPRESENTING THOSE GOVERNMENTS JAIL, NEGLECT, LEAVE VULERNABLE In Zambia, the nation’s Home Affairs Minister tells gay rights advocates to “go to hell” while an HIV treatment advocate faces jail time for speaking of the need to reach vulnerable populations. In Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, homophobic views voiced by […]

With study of injecting drug users, preventive HIV medicine demonstrates protective value to all at high risk

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CDC releases updated Guidance for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of HIV Infection: PrEP for Injecting Drug Users, while questions on real-world impact remain With a five-year study in Bangkok showing that daily doses of antiretroviral medicine reduced risks of HIV infection among people who inject drugs by at least half, and more with the […]